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Product group: Guide elements
Design: Guide strip
Profile no.: 05
Material: HG 00

Operational application limits
Max. surface pressure (N/mm2): ≤ 350
Temperature (°C): -50 to +130
Running speed (m/s): ≤ 1

Hydraulic oils acc. to DIN 51524 Part 1 - 3, lubricating oils, mineral oil based lubricating greases, highly non-flammable hydraulic fluids HFA, HFB, HFC acc. to VDMA 24317

Guide strips made of hard fabric materials (HGW) serve to guide pistons and rods. They prevent metallic contact of the machine parts and absorb the transverse force that occurs. HGW guide strips are well suited for high surface pressures. Increased sliding ability which results in an improvement of the stick-slip effect is achieved by inclusion of PTFE in the compound.

Guide strips are produced on rolls and cut to the required length.
There are three different cutting types: 45°, 90°, ST.
45° = for better press force distribution and to facilitate installation
90° = simple cut
ST = for swivel movements

The following formulae are used to calculate the required lengths
Guiding a rod:
L = 3.11 x (d + S) - 1.0
Guiding a piston:
L = 3.11 x (D - S) - 1.0

In these formulae, the heat expansion coefficient and the gap dimensions for the join are already included.
Hard fabric guide strips can be installed in closed installation grooves. Installation is supported by double sided chamfers.

Dichtomatik supplies standard guide strips made of HG 00 0301 (Phenolic resin impregnated synthetic fibre fabric with PTFE inclusion). With rods or piston diameters under 100 mm, elastic or preformed spiral strips should be used.

However, guide rings are easier to install which makes them preferable to guide strips.

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